Quality, in all of it’s shapes and forms, plays a key role at AFP. Whether it is conforming to specifications, reaching expectations or handling her products with the utmost of care, for AFP quality means delivering what has been agreed and what the client is entitled to expect.

AFP currently holds an ISO 9001 qualification and the BRC certificate: both are reassessed annually by certified organizations.

In addition to these our own internal quality assurance system guarantees an immediate identification of all possible discrepancies. Upon identification of a discrepancy the cause is immediately ascertained and rectified, followed by a structural improvement referred to as: Plan, Do, Check, Act. This all-encompassing quality system keeps watch over our whole operation.

The importance AFP attaches to quality is visible in the quality awareness and active participation of each AFP employee. Examples of this are the direct line of communication between the quality department and the company management, the ongoing schooling of employees or the material investments, which concern them.