Research & Development

Innovation is important to our success at AFP, and therefore also to your success. At AFP innovation means: being able to transform your needs into the specification for our flexible packaging.

Our Research & Development department is vital to our innovative product-portfolio. The R&D team works on the development, creation and invention of new products and solutions. Teamwork is essential in R&D. Specialists in different fields: chemistry and physics engineers, packaging experts and processing engineers work together, guaranteeing our multi-disciplined approach.

We don’t invent and develop new product applications just for the sake of it. Our aim in innovation and development is that our solutions must meet your requirements and even exceed your expectations. To achieve this we have a state-of-the-art laboratory and an up-to-date pilot centre. We also utilise product documentation such as, product-info sheets, data sheets, MSDS, food-safety labelling and Reach Data Sheets. This documentation provides us with a real basis and a source from which we can develop the successful application of our products.

Do you need more information or are you looking for a made-to-measure packaging solution? AFP is ready to help!