Resinex 225

IWS Film Natec Process Cheese

Resinex 225 is the most effective polypropylene film for high speed Individual Wrapped cheese Slices on a Natec Freepack.

Developed with and tuned for the Natec machines Resinex 225 offers high efficiency and performance. Special treatment of the film offers easy stacking at high speed and less wear of the forming shoulders and cutting knives. A superior release system assures easy opening for the consumer making Resinex 225 the best solution for you. The film can be printed in register, adding value to your product.

All the IWS films are both CE and FDA approved and are manufactured in a ISO/BRC environment matching the highest industry standards. With decades of experience and Rotterdam International Harbour close by, Trioworld can ship worldwide, accurate and with a short lead time.

Trioworld offers many possibilities. The best and fastest way to discover how we can help you is by calling us directly or by sending an e-mail: ‚Resinex 225 Specialist details‘.


  • High Speed, low SIT
  • Less wear on machine tooling
  • Superior stacking performance
  • Lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)


  • Gauges 23 – 35 my
  • Consistent COF
  • Printable
  • Excellent moisture barrier and perfect release

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