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Improving your performance is our priority. We do this by working every day on product innovation, technological innovation and co-creation. Whether it concerns Load Security Film, Food Packaging Film or Innovative Film, we always strive for the most optimal and socially responsible solution. Today's chain is complex, so technical details make all the difference, in our opinion. Thanks to our in-depth technical insight, we can tailor our customized solutions to your unique needs.



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Our new Recycled stretch film


Our goals and ambition


May 9, 2019


Our new ALL-PP film

Optimal Recyclability


Biobased Stretch Film

From sugar cane to stretch film

Katan-Ex Biobased contributes to the sustainability of your company with a 90% lower carbon footprint compared to conventional stretch film and fits into the existing recycling streams.

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Market segment: Beverage Industry

The Beverage industry has very varied needs when it comes to pallet stability. Just take bottles of carbonated and non-carbonated water. Or trays with small bottles that are not shrink-wrapped. Our experienced staff will help you to optimise your wrapping process. By combining the right stretch film to match your process and machines. But also by optimizing your wrapping machines. We have already helped many customers in the soft drinks industry to achieve and maintain pallet stability.


7 steps to stable pallets

At AFP we work according to 7 steps when it comes to optimizing your process. We call this the 7 Step Audit model. Would you like to know what this can mean for you?

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I am happy to advise you on how our stretch film can be used in your process, so that your products arrive at their destination:

  • Safe
  • Damage-free
  • In perfect condition at the lowest Total Cost of Ownership
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Bert Kemkes, Senior Account Manager