Trioworld offers heat resistant load security

We do not want to alarm you, but are you aware of how hot it can get in a truck? And do you know which consequences this could have for the load security of your products? Trioworld can tell you all about it, and with our tailor-made solutions we can prevent all your problems related to transportation and packaging.

Trioworld supplies the best films for stretching and securing your products. Even for the most complex products and pallets. As a solution against radiation and sun influences Trioworld has developed a special film that counters UV-radiation. This film has unique characteristics which helps our customers preserve the quality of their goods while maintaining the stability on their pallets.

Do you have any special requests? The wide range of the products of Trioworld has a perfect fit for every kind of load or shipment. Our Katan-Ex product line can handle any situation.

p.s. in a trailer, temperatures can rise up to 70 degrees Celsius during a hot day.