Trioworld introduces a new food packaging material: ALPP, a film that improves the recyclability of laminates. This new material is a 100% CastPP and laminated with a BOPP it will be perfect for recyclability.  The new material has a very low SIT (sealing initial temperature) and therefore the BOPP will not be damaged during sealing, because it can be sealed with a low temperature. Even the speed of the packaging line does not have to be reduced.


Advantages AL-PP material

PET is often used in a lamination process with PE. PET and PE are two different ‘families’ and therefore cannot be recycled together. This new material improves the recyclability of laminates.

A construction of CastPP with BOPP is primarily used for packaging food. This material has a protective function and is effective in extending the food’s shelf life. In addition, PP mono-material can be used to create a barrier in the packaging, such as an air barrier in meat packaging in order to extend the product’s shelf life.

Furthermore, PP is a stiffer material, which makes it highly suitable for use in stand-up pouches such as yoghurt beverage pouches. Another advantage of PP is that it is crystal clear,  which will improve the product presentation


ALLPP, a film that improves the recyclability of laminates.

Laminates from Trioworld are characterized by excellent machinability and the lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

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