Blind Trust – Blog

As consumers, we take it for granted that all products available in the supermarket are safe. We do not often consider the potential risks of the products and their packaging. We buy and consume, but … is our trust actually justified?

Safety cannot be taken for granted.

Ultimately, we cannot take safety for granted, as we recently found out at home. It was just an ordinary day, and the plan that evening was to quickly have some pancakes and then relax.
One moment we were having a meal together and the next, my teenager was complaining about stomach ache and chest pain and was struggling to breathe. Soon after, speaking became impossible and we called the emergency number. In the emergency centre, it became clear that a severe allergic reaction was involved.
Tests followed, both for my teenager and of the product. Extensive talks took place between the product manufacturer and the doctors at the hospital. There were no accusations, but there was collaboration. All the focus lies on preventing another allergic reaction and everything is being done to help my teenager. In order to find the cause, tests were conducted to determine whether the cause lay in the product itself, the packaging or whether the storage conditions had had an effect.
After many tests, it appears to lie in the pancake mix. The exact cause is still not known, but we have every confidence that it will be found.

The importance of my work has become even clearer to me.

At Trioworld, we always focus on compliance with all laws and regulations and with the high standard that our customers expect of us. We are aware that products are packaged in the packaging that we produce. And we are aware that our foil is an important part of the overall product.
At Trioworld, we take account of the potential risks of our packaging every day. For example, Trioworld must make sure that no migration can take place from our packaging to food and drinks. And that there are no foreign bodies in our foil. Or that printing ink cannot come into contact with the packaged products. Etc.

Annual testing: Trioworld AA grade

Trioworld has a good insight into all the risk that our packaging entails. The management measures have been established and implemented in our organisation. Every year, the management system at Trioworld is tested by the certifying body for the ISO 9001 standard and the BRC Packaging standard. An independent party, which takes a critical look with us from the sidelines. On 20 and 21 March 2019, Trioworld was again able to complete the certification process: not a single minor score and a successful AA grade in the bag.
As far as I am concerned, it can be assumed that producers of packaging materials do everything possible to market products safely. Consumers can count on the packaging materials and the products that they consume being produced with great care.
Safety and food safety matter at businesses. But there is no guarantee that nothing can happen. For it can always be just an ordinary day.