Corner Crush

Does the term Corner Crush sound familiar? It sounds pretty intriguing, doesn’t it? In fact, it’s a technical term for damaging goods at the corner of a package or box. And this is something that we – as Trioworld – often see in transport and logistics.


The main cause for damaging the corners is when a pallet is wrapped too tightly and improperly, so that the pressure of the stretch film on the boxes becomes too great and damage is caused by the force that is exerted on the boxes. This is where the challenge lies for Trioworld: stable wrapping of your goods on the pallet with the right stretch film that will not damage your goods and they arrive at their final destination without damage.

No matter how large a company is or how well-known the brands are, corner crush is a problem we often encounter. In many cases, the operator of a wrapping machine is not aware that the settings of the wrapping machine can be adjusted or improved. The holding force can often be improved, the amount of stretch film reduced and the risk of corner crush minimized … We can ensure that the correct parameters are set on the machine and that the correct stretch film is used.

When does Corner Crush happen?

Our experience is that corner crush happens in many different industries and applications. For example: with a French multinational and producer of wines who ships their bottles of wine in boxes on pallets around the world and where countless boxes are damaged by the incorrect use of stretch film. Or how about the tissue market where products are very sensitive to too much pressure on the products. And finally the dairy industry where trays of yogurt (and their contents) are spilled due to the fact that the stretch film crushes these trays. Only three different examples of daily affairs that we observe as a producer of stretch film in many countries, industries and applications.

The costs of these incidents are actually much higher than you would initially think. “Okay, the box in which my bottle of wine is sent is damaged. Is that so bad?” Is something that you might conclude. The retailer who receives this box will probably not agree with you. Let us take the same French distiller as an example: this company has a strong brand value and a strong brand image. A damaged box with their product does not fit in that picture. Some retailers will actually send the box back to the producer because they do not want to place such a package in their store. After all, it doesn’t look very professional. The costs of returning the box to the producer (the French distiller) are enormous. It is not only about transport costs, but also about unpacking, repacking and the entire transport and logistics that must be carried out for the second time. Loss of brand reputation and other hidden costs can have huge consequences.

How can it be avoided?

Basically this can all be avoided. At Trioworld we always work from three perspectives: the application (the actual pallet, the different boxes on the pallet and the end product, for example the bottles of wine), the most suitable stretch film for the application and our application engineers who are the real specialists and know which combination of all elements is the most optimal for your situation. These professionals will optimize your wrapping process based on your specific needs, so that corner crush no longer has to be one of your concerns
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