Corporate Social Responsibility

Our films provide load security and protection for the products of our customers. Furthermore, it is important that the smell, colour and taste of the product is retained, and that it can be transported as safely as possible. However, using the right packaging can also help reduce the carbon footprint of your products.

Plastic Film Contributes to a Sustainable World

AFP deals responsibly with the wellbeing of its customers, employees, the environment and its surroundings.

We assume our responsibility for the environment by initiating environmental projects and by collaborating with the environmental projects of our customers. We comply with applicable laws and regulation.

Our work is based on the following principles:

  • REduce: We reduce waste and packaging materials
  • REcycle: We transform waste into usable materials
  • REnew: We use reusable materials
  • REthink: We continue to further optimise our solutions

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is a key factor in our way of working. In developing and producing film, AFP always searches for the perfect balance between people, planet and profit. With innovative packaging solutions and our social, environmentally friendly approach, AFP contributes to a sustainable world.

Corporate Social Responsibility as Basis

ISO 26000, the internationally recognised standard for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a priority for AFP and forms the basis for our sustainability programme. AFP has developed an elaborate self-declaration on the basis of the ISO 26000 guidelines.

You can find the documents here.

Contact us for additional information about our sustainable solutions and our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).