Stretch film for the dairy industry

Pallet loads in the dairy industry are characterised by a wide variety of shapes and contents. In addition, these various loads often place different demands on a stretch film. A pallet with trays full of yoghurt - which are often not shrink-wrapped - requires a different stretch film than, for example, a pallet with heavy bags of milk powder. Both are vulnerable in their own way and need to be protected.

At AFP we ensure that your products arrive at the end customer without damage. Especially for these different loads we have developed stretch films that can handle this vulnerability very well.

Critical loads

These loads require good packaging. For example, trays or boxes may have sharp edges or protruding corners. Our stretch film for the dairy segment has an exceptionally high puncture resistance, so the film does not break at sharp edges and/or protruding corners.

This is ideal because it it ensures a continuous flow of the process. A well wrapped pallet provides optimum stability. This pallet stability is necessary for this often delicate product group, both in the distribution centre and during transport.

95% less damage

20% less usage
95% less ruptures


Due to a strong increase in road freight transport, the need for pallet stability has only increased in recent years. Unstable pallets can have a major impact on safety, efficiency and costs. AFP is the partner to help reduce these risks.
In addition, AFP is always looking for sustainable solutions. By optimally wrapping pallets, we never use more film than necessary. This means lower costs and a considerably lower CO2 footprint than with a conventional stretch film.



AFP has more than 50 years of experience in achieving pallet stability and is at the forefront of innovation. We work with the 7 Step Audit model in which we work towards optimally packaged pallets through a thorough analysis of your process.

  • Our people involved analyse your pallet wrapping process
  • You can count on minimal stretch film consumption – which is not only sustainable but also saves costs.
  • You can count on an optimized winding process without interruptions
  • Your products go safely on the road against the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
Katan-Ex DK 200
Katan-Ex DK 300
Katan-Ex DK 400

How can I help you transport your dairy safely?

The combination of the right High Performance stretch film, the knowledge of our employees involved in your processes and winding machines ensures the optimal performance of your winding processes. In this way, we ensure stable pallets and prevent film from breaking, so that the packaging process runs smoothly, without delay.

  • Our experts analyse your process;
  • Your machines are set up correctly;
  • Your pallets are optimally protected.
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Hans Wels, Commercial Manager Load Security Films

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