Does the right stretch film matter?

Choosing the right stretch film does matter!

For a company working as cost-efficiently as possible it is essential to minimise the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Investing in stretch film contributes to achieving this aim. At Trioworld, I am responsible for the commercial activities concerning stretch film with end users, and I know the importance of the proper kind of stretch film more than anybody else.

Developing and introducing a new product normally takes a lot of time and money. Much energy is devoted to developing the right colour or flavour, and companies invest heavily to get the product onto the supermarket shelves.

However, it is at least as important to ensure that the product arrives at the supermarket safely and undamaged.

Stretch film is often undeservedly considered a commodity rather than a strategic product, based on the idea that stretch films are mutually interchangeable and only differ in price. In addition, their costs are only a small part of the total expenditure. As a result, the focus is on the price per kilo.

All the same, this may have far-reaching consequences for your products, costs, reliability, image, safety and efficiency.

Let me explain why.

First of all, stretch film of insufficient quality can lead to unsafe situations in warehouses and on the road, causing pallets to tip over for instance. A quarter of accidents involving a truck is caused by shifting or falling cargo. This is not only dangerous but the costs involved are also significant. Upon arrival, some four per cent of palleted products is found to be damaged.

Besides, stretch film of inferior quality can tear easily while wrapped around palleted products. A single film tear costs 15 euros on average.

More often than not, low-quality stretch film also leads to unnecessarily high film consumption. On average, companies use 20 per cent more Load Security Film than actually needed for safe transport. This does not contribute to sustainable solutions, which is contrary to our objectives at Trioworld.

Low-quality stretch film which initially looks like a cheap solution may turn out to be very expensive.

This is why Trioworld focuses on Total Cost of Ownership. At Trioworld, we have 50 years’ experience with developing high-grade and top-quality innovative films. We also provide excellent service for pallet wrapping, for instance. With our 7-step audit model we can realise the lowest possible TCO, achieving double-digit reductions in the costs of stretch film.

Are you interested? We would be pleased to look for ways together with you to realise considerable cost reductions in your organisation as well. Please contact us for further information.