Why choose for Trioworlds' Food Packaging Film?

Packaging food products is a delicate process. This is why Trioworld always looks for the right balance between packaging efficiency and integrity. As an expert in film, familiar with all links in the supply chain, we develop the perfect solution for your packaging needs and the associated processes. This way we help you avoid wastage and at the same time we provide your product with the best possible protection.





Solutions and products

The best protection keeps your products fresh as long as possible

The right food packaging provides for optimal protection during transport and in the shop. This keeps the food fresh for longer and increases its shelf-life. Together with you, Trioworld continuously aims for innovation and improvement. We translate your wishes into successful solutions that are user friendly for the consumer.

AFP Promise


Our goal is to improve your packaging process. As a film expert, Trioworld develops the perfect packaging for your products and optimises your packaging process. This way you produce faster and prevent rejects.


The quality, appearance and ease of use of your packaging stand out for your customers. Our creative and committed employees like to explore the unique challenges inherent in your product. With their technical expertise, they resourcefully solve all your packaging issues.


We help you prevent wastage by protecting your product as effectively as possible. We work closely together with buyers, product managers, packaging technical specialists and operational managers to continuously renovate and improve our product portfolio. Custom-made to match the unique needs of your product and your target group.


Together with my clients I am constantly looking for solutions to help pack cheeseslices as quickly and effectively as possible

Maarten Wolsing

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We work with a team of specialists to respond to customer needs. In this innovation, workmanship and cooperation are of great importance.

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