Interested in our innovative food packaging film? Trioworld’s Food Packaging Film specialists like to speak about their profession and the developments in flexible packaging.

I enjoy creating customer satisfaction by innovating and implementing improvements. For me, Trioworld stands for implementing efficiency improvements, focusing on quality in the broadest sense of the word and high service levels.

Packaging food is a complex process. I consider the interaction between Trioworld’s packaging and the customer’s product important, because this enables us to optimise the products together. We use our packaging knowledge and our extensive experience with the optimisation of processes on the customer’s shop floor for this purpose.

Trioworld aims to offer the best possible total solution. That comprises the best packaging, the best packaging process, long-term shelf-life, an attractive appearance and optimal market experience. Only once the customer is happy with all of these elements am I satisfied!

“Having the right product and the best possible advice is important to my customers. In turn, a satisfied customer is important to me. Trioworld stands for high-quality products and excellent service. The films I work with, for example, all comply with the BRC Global Standard for packaging materials and food safety. Our innovative solutions seamlessly match our customers’ wishes and help improve the efficiency of their production process. When a customer is faced with an unusual challenge, I often involve our R&D department to develop special films with exceptional properties in consultation with the customer.”

Every day, together with my customers I look for solutions for packaging cheese slices as fast and effectively as possible. I enjoy finding the perfect match every time between the customer’s wishes and the possibilities offered by Trioworld.

In my role as Key Account Manager I help you improve your efficiency and performance. I like to contribute ideas to aspects such as optimising machine speed, superior cheese release, improving optical properties and reducing your packaging costs.

We are always searching for solutions that optimally match your existing processes and equipment. This is why Trioworld’s film is suited for use with any IWS packaging machine, such as Natec, GBM or Bosch/Sapal. Our Resinex film is consequently used throughout the world by the largest processors of processed cheese.

In addition to efficiency improvements, we also offer solutions that allow your products to stand out on supermarket shelves and make them more user friendly for consumers; for example by means of a perfect seal and release, or 8-colour printing on the packaging.

Do not hesitate and try out the possibilities offered by Trioworld for yourself!

As a sales professional, I have more than 30 years’ experience with packaging materials, primarily with printed and unprinted packaging films.

Due to my knowledge and experience I am able to optimise the packaging and logistics processes of my customers. As a result the customer realises higher packaging line speeds, less stoppage and/or rejects, higher yield and improved logistics processes. This way we help improve the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

The modern packaging industry is complex and not always well-organised. I use my insight and experience to develop solutions for my customers, thus enabling them focus on their core business.

My name is Niels Tiggelovend, Key Account Manager bread packaging films. I have been employed at Trioworld since 2007.

The bread market is a fascinating market – highly diverse and highly dynamic. A high-quality and attractive bread bag is important to optimally protect the customer’s product and to present it in stores.

Trioworld’s bread packaging film is developed to facilitate effective processing by the bakery’s machinery and to keep the rejection rate extremely low. The film is perfectly clear and suitable for deepfreeze and therefore provides excellent ease of use for the consumer.

In this market it is important to stay level-headed. The work requires coordination with all departments to effectively manage order flows, and to ensure that products are delivered at the times agreed upon with the customer. In addition, I maintain regular contact with the customer to coordinate film extrusion, print order and product delivery schedules