Pro-Ex 2264

Pro-Ex 2264 for Optimal Protection and Shelf-life

Pro-Ex 2264 is a high barrier OPET SiOx laminate with a CPP sealing medium that achieves leak-proof packaging at high line speeds. This film optimally protects your products and prolongs the best before date.

This laminate is often used as flow pack film for various products such as sliced cheese and meats. You optimise the packaging process because the film is thinner, can be used at higher line speeds, produces leak-proof packaging and consequently limits rejects. The peeling force can easily be controlled by adjusting the sealing temperature and this film can also be used for tamper-evident packaging. If desired, the film can be printed in 8 colour HD Flexo (mirror image or printing).

A thicker version is available for lidding (top-seal) that can also be supplied with a lock-seal.

Pro-Ex 2264 complies with all food safety requirements. Trioworld Apeldoorn is BRC as well as ISO certified.

This film has facilitated a large number of process improvements in the food industry and has contributed to improved efficiency and cost savings.


  • Leak-proof packaging
  • High line speeds
  • Tamper-evident sealing system
  • Shock-resistant at low temperatures
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Reduced consumption of materials


  • Superior barrier properties
  • Clear glossy
  • Peeling properties can be adjusted
  • Available with lock-seal
  • Consistent and generous operator window
  • Printable in 8 colour Flexo

Trioworld Performance Program

Optimal Customised Performance

To make sure that our film perfectly matches your requirements, our experts closely involve you in the selection process. Together we discuss the settings of your wrapping machine combined with the specific film properties and this way ensure optimal results.