Stretch film for general use

The choice of the right stretch film depends very much on the goods you are transporting. If it is a pallet with the same products or if it is different products in different packaging. The goal is to get your products to their destination safely at the lowest possible cost. The Trioworld range consists of a large number of different types of stretch film. Each with their own specific quality so that there is always a stretch film that suits your type of load.

Stable pallets

We notice that stretch film is often not the first priority for our customers. We understand that. At the same time, we see that pallet stability, damage prevention and flexible packaging processes are high on the agenda. Trioworld can completely relieve you of this burden. Not only can we advise you on the right stretch film for your application, we can also integrate it seamlessly into your processes. In such a way that you have optimally stable pallets and a smooth packaging process without malfunctions.

95% less damage

20% less consumption, 95% less breakage


Due to a strong increase in road freight transport, the need for pallet stability has only increased in recent years. Unstable pallets can have a major impact on safety, efficiency and costs. Trioworld is the partner to help reduce these risks.

In addition, Trioworld is always looking for sustainable solutions. By optimally wrapping pallets, we never use more film than necessary. This means lower costs and a considerably lower CO2 footprint than with a conventional stretch film.

Your products on the road

Trioworld Quick Scan

Trioworld has more than 50 years of experience in achieving pallet stability for different types of loads and customers. Each case is unique and our goal is to get your products to their destination safely and at the lowest possible cost. One of the tools we use for this is the Trioworld Quick Scan. With this Quick Scan, we can map out your winding process and needs and make you a proposal for improvement and savings.

Are you enthusiastic about the Quick Scan results? Then we will make an appointment to implement the improvements and to package your products safely.

How can I help you transport your products safely?

The combination of the right High Performance stretch film, the knowledge of our employees involved in your processes and winding machines ensures the optimal performance of your winding processes. In this way, we ensure stable pallets and prevent film from breaking, so that the packaging process runs smoothly, without delay.

  • Our experts analyse your process;
  • Your machines are set up correctly;
  • Your pallets are optimally protected.
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Hans Wels, Business Director

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How do you secure a thousand bottles of soft drinks to a truck so it remains standing, even if the driver suddenly has to brake or swerve? A typical question about load stability, such as Jelle Dendauw, who often comes across at his company ESTL.

Dendauw is one of the co-founders of ESTL in Deerlijk, Belgium. He was a mechanical engineer and actually ended up in the cargo insurance business by accident, in 2009. That year was no coincidence, because in 2009 Belgium received new legislation on cargo stability.

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“truck overturned after nearly losing cargo”, “truck loses complete cargo on roundabout”, “truck ends up in the ditch”

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