Hottest issues in the Automotive industry.

Do you have 30 seconds for the 3 hottest issues in the automotive industry?

  1. Sustainability
  2. Design
  3. Costs

You probably do because we all care for the planet, but none of us wants to drive an expensive and ugly car. So what if we could make a car more sustainable, cool looking and still affordable?
Trioworld has the answer with an unique attractive, affordable and sustainable lightweight interior design. Natural Fibers like hemp or flax, are widely used in modern cars. They are renewable, lightweight, non-expensive materials and can easily be formed in any desired shape. But because their roughness and poor surface resistance, these natural fibers are always hidden.

So what if you could use these fibers for visible interior parts as well?
You can reduce:
– Weight = UP TO 40%
– Carbon footprint = OVER 50%

To make this possible, Trioworld has developed a special multi-layer surface film, which you can put on top of a nonwoven natural fiber. This strong bio-composite can be formed easily to create unique designed sustainable interior parts.

Samples can say more than a thousand words:

– All colors, touch and textures possible

– In compliance with automotive specifications for interiors
– Cost effective, strong & lightweight

You will love it. Not only because it is nice and affordable but also because you can clearly see the natural elements. A win – win situation for the Planet, for People and for your Performance. My name is Olav Donkers and I am happy to tell you more about this natural concept.