How to avoid tipping of loads from over inside a truck

A pallet is subjected to considerable forces during transport. A truck is sometimes forced to brake unexpectedly or to take a very sharp curve.
This makes it even more important to ensure that the load stays upright and there is proper pallet stability! Unfortunately, accidents caused by loads that tip over are still happening with all the associated consequences: damaged goods, environmental and reputation damage, as well as financial consequences. And we have not even touched on safety, or the lack thereof, yet.

It is therefore important to give due consideration to the force exerted on a pallet during transport. In case of an emergency stop, this force can reach an acceleration of up to 0.8 G. The G-force can be quite high in sharp curves as well. It is therefore essential that the load is wrapped such that it cannot shift.
The EUMOS legislation introduced in 2018 makes heavy demands on the forces a load must be able to withstand and imposes high fines in case of violations.


Securing a load inside a truck always revolves around a number of questions: what does the load look like? What kind of truck is it? What kind of equipment is available: ratchet straps or anti-slip mats? And how do you fasten it, so that everything stays on the pallet?’
By using the following steps, you can be assured that the load will not tip over and you will have proper pallet stability:

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