How to choose the right stretch film

Choosing the right type of stretch film can be a difficult task. There are many different types of stretch film, each with a different type of property. In addition, stretch films are available in different thicknesses. In the articles below you will learn which film is best used to create optimal pallet stability.

Tips for choosing stretch film

  1. Take a good look at the type of cargo that needs to be packed: does it already have some degree of stability or not at all?
  2. Does the load have sharp or protruding corners?
  3. Are there any special requirements with regard to UV resistance or frozen products?
  4. Which wrapping machine is used and what is its stretch percentage?
  5. What is the output of your production process? If it is very high, then the choice for the thicker stretch film might be more obvious.
  6. Request a free audit. We analyse your process and come up with a complete advice.

Types of stretch film

Hand-wrapping and machine-wrapping films

There are basically two types of stretch film:

  • Hand-wrapping film
  • Machine wrap film

Rolls of hand-wrapping film are smaller and lighter because they are wrapped around a pallet by hand. This stretch film is often used in situations where the complexity of the load is limited and no large number of pallets need to be wrapped.

As the name suggests, machine wrap film is wrapped around a pallet with a machine. There is a great variety in machines brands and types. All with specific settings and output.

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Stretch film and loads

Which stretch film do you use for which load?

Often only a distinction is made between light, medium and heavy loads. In our experience, however, there are several factors that need to be taken into account. An important question, for example, is whether a load already has a certain stability or not.

For instance a pallet with toilet paper and a pallet with bottles of soft drinks. The former itself has much less stability than the latter. Another important factor is the wrapping machine that is used; what is the stretch ability and what is the speed.

Sometimes the speed of the wrapping process can demand a thicker stretch film in order to guarantee the high output. Many factors play a role in choosing the right type of stretch film. We will be happy to advise you on this.

Trioworld pallet stability

Wrapping machines

The right machine settings

The right machine settings are really important when it comes to achieving pallet stability and load security. There are many different types of wrapping machines with different settings. The type of machine plays an important role in the stretch of the stretch film. Trioworld technical engineers have extensive knowledge of all the wrapping machines in the market and the best settings to reach pallet stability for your particular load.

If you would like to know more. Then request your Quick Scan. In 30 minutes we will analyze your wrapping process.

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