Winding machines

Stretch film is made to stretch. The stretch of film goes from 0 to 400 percent, depending on the machine you are wrapping. Many machines can't stretch more than 10 percent, which gives you more than just a little power on the load. Trioworld's stretch films have a minimum stretch of 200 percent. This means that you can make 3 metres of film out of 1 metre of film. A film can be programmed on a certain rack; many of our films are programmed on 270 percent rack.

A cheap machine can only wrap a pallet, not stretch the film. To be able to demonstrate what a good film can do, a good machine is needed. A machine must be able to stretch very far.

Almost every machine can be set up in two ways:
-The stretch of the film: for example 200/250/270 percent.
-the amount of pressure on the load.

Stretch rate is important for two things: the more stretch, the thinner the film, the less consumption and stretch provides stability.

The machine settings depend on the pallet being wrapped. An inferior quality stretch film can easily break when wrapping products on the pallets. Depending on how good the settings on the machine are, the thinner the film can be.

Our people have in-depth knowledge of the machines, which allows us to optimise the machine settings, so that we never use more film than necessary. With our modern machinery that only produces multilayer films, we deliver a consistent product. Trioworld has knowledge of the combination of machine, product and film. If we know which machine the customer has and which product has to be packed, we can make the perfect combination to ensure pallet stability.