NovimeX 310

PP film for the connection of natural fibers in automotive interior parts

The use of sustainable natural fibers (NFPP) such as flax and hemp in cars is still growing. The Novimex PP film from Trioworld gives you extra freedom in the applicability of such NFPP materials. The multilayer Novimex 310 film adheres to the fibers and ensures the connection with other materials.

The film and fibers form a strong and lightweight composite that can be obtained in all desired shapes by compression molding. The film is no longer visible in the end product but, in addition to the interconnection, ensures a watertight structure.


  • Weight reduction
  • Extensive freedom of design, combination of materials and sustainable renewable raw materials
  • Low integral costs


  • Suitable for Compression Moulding
  • Superior flatness retention and narrow thickness tolerances
  • Thicknesses ranging from 60 to 180 gauge

NovimeX 310 in the picture

Trioworld Performance Program®


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