At R&D we develop film solutions that help customers better protect their products. We establish the connection between new materials, the film’s properties and the customer’s needs. Our R&D team has expertise in various areas of the packaging industry. Together with suppliers and researchers, we test all new ideas in our pilot line. Every day we accumulate a little bit more knowledge and when a test succeeds all pieces of the puzzle fall into place. This way we develop perfect solutions for our customers. These varied aspects make working on innovation challenging and enjoyable.

My name is Veronika Nemcova; I have been building my career at Trioworld since 2013. In 2013, I joined Trioworld in the Printing & Finishing department. Here I worked in the Cutting-wrapping & Laminating department. In September 2016, I was given the opportunity of transferring to the Extrusion department. This was a good fit for the operator training programme I am enrolled in.
Currently I am Assistant Operator. My duties consist of operating and monitoring the machines. I intervene whenever the process goes off-track. I monitor the quality of the product and ensure that it meets the customer’s requirements. What appeals to me about the work in the Extrusion department is the manufacturing process. Working with my colleagues is enjoyable. I also enjoy working in shifts. Trioworld gives its employees the opportunity to show what they are capable of, but also listens to the employees’ desires concerning advancement within the organisation, horizontally, as well as vertically. Furthermore, it is most rewarding that I am given the opportunity to take all kinds of training and education courses. Working at Trioworld is simply most enjoyable!

Johnny Bijsterbosch, Extrusie - Lead Operator

I am Johnny Bijsterbosch and have been working in the Printing & Finishing department since 1997. I work as a Lead Operator at Trioworld in the Printing & Finishing department. I am responsible for monitoring and managing the production process, managing shift employees and monitoring the proper operation of various functions, such as ATEX, safety and BRC. I also ensure that order and tidiness are maintained (housekeeping). My work is highly varied. Every day is different and that ensures the work continues to be enjoyable. I enjoy that I am being involved in projects related to my work. Trioworld is an excellent employer. Employees are given the opportunity of further developing themselves in the form of, for example, graphics training, the VAPRO operator training programme and various other training courses. Trioworld has excellent secondary terms and conditions of employment and it is great that you do not need to chase anything down. Everything is well-organised.

Marco Schuit, Technical Services Department - Mechanical Planner

My name is Marco Schuit and I have been working in the Technical Services department since 2002. I work as a Mechanical Planner in the Technical Services department, a position with a broad range of responsibilities. My duties, among other things, include managing the mechanics, scheduling daily maintenance in consultation with production, scheduling external organisations needed to perform the work, purchasing parts and resolving malfunctions. In addition, in cooperation with the Electrical Planner, I consult with production to resolve any technical problems as quickly as possible and discuss how we can prevent any problems or malfunctions in the future. The work is varied and it is important to be able to respond flexibly. The days often do not go as planned, because we have to respond to reality. Problems must be resolved as quickly as possible, because the production line must continue to be operational 24/7. The Technical Services department comprises fourteen employees working together as a team. Trioworld is a very good employer that offers the opportunity of taking courses and training programmes. Trioworld keeps up with the times and is highly innovative. In addition, Trioworld invests a great deal in developing and improving its processes.

I am Marije Verboom and have been working at Trioworld in the Customer Service Load Security Film department since 2012. I work in Customer Service. Together with my colleagues I am involved in a variety of tasks, including preparing proposals, processing orders and coordinating delivery times with Load Security Film customers. This way we support customers, as well as our account managers. There is a great deal of variety and the day never seems to go as we might have thought. That makes it a challenging job. The contact with customers is interesting, because they come from a wide variety of sectors and countries, and each requires a different approach. In addition to my work, I am also active in Trioworld’s staff association; Plastic People. Several times each year we organise fun activities for our employees. I have landed in a nice and close-knit team, and there is a pleasant working atmosphere. Furthermore, Trioworld offers employees the room and opportunities they need for personal development and Trioworld demonstrably invests in the wellbeing of its employees.

Niels Tiggelovend, Food Packaging Film - Key Account Manager

My name is Niels Tiggelovend, 45 years, and Account Manager at Trioworld since 2007. My job at Trioworld is highly diverse. I work for the Customer Service department, as well as the Sales department, and I primarily work with a major customer in the bread packaging market.
I am responsible for coordinating the customer’s wishes and the production possibilities within Trioworld. In addition, I monitor the progress of all of the customer’s orders to ensure that they progress smoothly within Trioworld and that the products are delivered to the customer on schedule.
Furthermore, I prepare proposals and I regularly visit companies to meet with customers. The work is highly varied; each day is different. It is important to be able to respond ad hoc to customer queries and to initiate the process as quickly as possible. Working days at Trioworld are anything but dull – never a dull moment! I maintain contact with the customer, as well as the various departments within Trioworld. That makes my work highly varied. Trioworld is a very good and pleasant employer. That means there is little turnover. I enjoy going to work each day. Trioworld gives you the opportunity of developing yourself personally.

For me it is important for Trioworld’s employees to know what is happening at our customers. We use our insight into the products and needs of our customers to further optimise processes by deploying the right film the right way. We help our customers deal with challenges. What I also find very exciting is the hidden added value of our products and services. Sometimes, the exterior of a product appears rather mundane, yet it has been developed on the basis of expertise, knowledge and many years of experience to help solve an essential issue for the customer. The market for Load Security Film involves optimisation and logistics processes in which damage reduction plays a major role. This is why we are not focused on kilos weight, but, for example, on the degree of transport damage we can help avoid. In short: Trioworld stays involved until the customer’s problem is resolved!

At Trioworld we think in terms of possibilities and I have enjoyed contributing to this way of thinking for years. Aside from creativity, there is nothing standard about Innovative Film. Together with our knowledge and the contribution of ideas, creativity is our greatest strength. It creates tremendous satisfaction when we find a unique solution by applying a special film in consultation with the customer. Solutions that create new opportunities or tremendous improvements for the customer. We do everything we can to make the customer successful. After all, that is how Trioworld becomes successful as well. I can see endless new possibilities!

My name is Bahadir Selçuk. I started working for Trioworld as a temporary worker when I turned 18. A year later I was hired by the Extrusion department. I started as an assistant in the Extrusion department. Film is actually produced from raw materials here. I enjoyed working with the machine, but I am ambitious and wanted to develop myself further within Trioworld. I was given the opportunity to do that. I entered a training programme designed to become Assistant Operator. I have completed this training and currently am Trainee. In this position I hope to be able to further develop myself to become Lead Operator. The Extrusion department works in shifts. That means that I work six days, after which I am off for four days. I quite like that. Another thing that I like about my work is that it is result-oriented. That gives me a great deal of satisfaction. I also find the work’s variety appealing; no one day is the same! My colleagues are very nice and we work well together. We are a single team that together makes sure that the process proceeds as effectively as possible. I feel that I am at the right place at Trioworld. The company offers its employees possibilities and opportunities relating to training, development and advancement. Furthermore, Trioworld has excellent terms and conditions of employment.

The strategy, development and implementation focused on the best possible customer solution, is what I stand for.

At Trioworld, everyone, individually and in multidisciplinary teams, works together to come up with successful answers to the issues identified by our customers. For years we have been offering added value by providing each customer with the best possible custom-made solution.

The market is challenging, demanding and constantly developing. It is up to us to deliver the most innovative and distinctive packaging. We do this with pleasure! Our customers can rely on Trioworld to provide the best solutions, now and in the future.