Marco Schuit, Technical Services Department - Mechanical Planner

Trioworld keeps up with the times and is highly innovative.

My name is Marco Schuit and I have been working in the Technical Services department since 2002. I work as a Mechanical Planner in the Technical Services department, a position with a broad range of responsibilities. My duties, among other things, include managing the mechanics, scheduling daily maintenance in consultation with production, scheduling external organisations needed to perform the work, purchasing parts and resolving malfunctions. In addition, in cooperation with the Electrical Planner, I consult with production to resolve any technical problems as quickly as possible and discuss how we can prevent any problems or malfunctions in the future. The work is varied and it is important to be able to respond flexibly. The days often do not go as planned, because we have to respond to reality. Problems must be resolved as quickly as possible, because the production line must continue to be operational 24/7. The Technical Services department comprises fourteen employees working together as a team. Trioworld is a very good employer that offers the opportunity of taking courses and training programmes. Trioworld keeps up with the times and is highly innovative. In addition, Trioworld invests a great deal in developing and improving its processes.