MIRJAM BOUWMEESTER, Senior compliance specialist

The customer must be able to trust that Trioworld's products are food safe and comply with all specified requirements

Translating complex requirements and issues into control measures and tasks that are self-evident, practical and feasible, is what I stand for! I take commercial interests, as well as the human dimension into consideration. The customer must be able to rely on the fact that Trioworld’s products are food-safe and comply with all specified requirements. Furthermore, Trioworld also has a duty of care for people and the environment.

At Trioworld it is a matter of course for us to comply with all requirements. We regularly review all applicable laws and regulations, standards, and sector and customer agreements, and align our internal policy accordingly. Behind the scenes the compliance landscape is constantly changing and this is why we always explain the basis for our documentation. This gives our customers confidence and demonstrates that we are in fact compliant with all requirements.