Information about COVID-19

Over the past few weeks the Coronavirus epidemic has been spreading throughout the world having wide ranging implications on all of us. In this respect we would like to inform you on our two focus area’s:

  1. Ensuring the health and safety of our employees, customers and business partners
  2. Ensuring business continuity and capability to manufacture and supply

As the Trioplast group, we are taking all necessary steps to prevent, to the best of our ability, the spread of the virus in the companies factories. We are working in accordance with the guidelines pub-lished by state authorities and are implementing various measures to secure both health and safety as well as business continuity.

Shop Floor
Precautionary measures have been taken at shop floor level  in each group company securing the safety and health of employees. All factories have been closed for visitors, extra cleaning is in place and employees are monitored to follow the hygiene rules of conduct in each factory.

Offices and staff
Office and staff employees have been split – where possible- into two groups, alternating one week working from home and one week working in the office. IT infrastructure enables remote access to ERP systems, office applications as well as video conferencing. The sales and technical support teams are working at home, support on location will only be available in case of emergency. Nevertheless, we remain committed providing a comprehensive and accessible response at any time.

Supply chain and deliveries
We are reviewing our supply chain on a daily basis, raw material availability, pricing, transport and stock management. Necessary preparations in terms of inventory raw materials, finished goods and spare parts have been taken.

Within the Trioplast Group technology – to a certain degree – is interchangeable between the 10 different production locations. With recent investments idle capacity is available and we will do our utmost to ensure business continuity in these challenging times.

We can report that no fundamental issues have been detected, the company continues to operate normally. We will remain transparent and are committed to bridge this challenging period together. You are welcomed to contact us at any time with any issue.