Innovation is second nature to AFP; each day we translate our clients' wishes into the most suitable packaging solutions. Entirely custom-made and in accordance with the client's specifications. The Product Technology Group is at the basis of all of AFP's innovative products. This group comprises three different teams: Research & Development, Technical Support and Compliance. Our R&D team works on innovation and improvement on a daily basis. Always in cooperation with our clients and with a focus on the different facets of the solution. This is why our development teams include people from all kinds of disciplines. AFP has its own state-of-the-art laboratory and pilot line. Naturally, the products are delivered with the product documentation you require, such as product info sheets, technical data sheets, MSDS and food safety certificates. Should you have any questions or if your are looking for a custom-made solution, AFP is happy to contribute helpful ideas!

Together with suppliers and researchers, we test all new ideas in our pilot line


At R&D we develop film solutions that help customers better protect their products. We establish the connection between new materials, the film’s properties and the customer’s needs. Our R&D team has expertise in various areas of the packaging industry. Together with suppliers and researchers, we test all new ideas in our pilot line. Every day we accumulate a little bit more knowledge and when a test succeeds all pieces of the puzzle fall into place. This way we develop perfect solutions for our customers. These varied aspects make working on innovation challenging and enjoyable.


Introduction of the first Biobased High Performance Stretch Film in the market. A film made with 50% renewable raw materials (sugar cane) that provides a 90% lower CO2 footprint compared to conventional stretch film.


Katan-Ex RP - Film with high load security and extremely high tear resistance.
Specially for highly demanding pallets, for example heavy loads with sharp corners in fully automated packaging lines


Resinex 214 - Film for bread bags with very good mechanical properties and good visual appearance.
Industrial packaged bread


Katan-Ex Light & Smart: load security specifically designed for light and pressure-sensitive loads like paper, tissues and cookies.


Katan-Ex PT - Load security film with UV.
Secure soft drink transport wrapping (protects content from taste alteration caused by UV)


Novimex 820 - Film for thermoplastic composites (combination of natural fibres and plastic).
Offers permanent protection for interior car parts (doors, instrument panels, boot coverings, etc.)


Pro-Ex 2369 - Micro-pack laminate.
IWS. Cheese slices individually wrapped at high speed without outer packaging


Resinex 524 - Film for adhering to fibreglass.
Stabilisation of fibreglass by end-users


Resinex 115 - Peelable laminating film for glass.
Sealing and peelable seal for glass (packaging)


Katan-Ex 651 - 27-layer film with 22 sub-micro layers.
Pallet load security for the beverage industry, including at high summer temperatures


Resinex 360 - Anti-slip film.
Stabilisation of products/loads on pallets


Novimex 310 - PP sealing film for compression moulding.
Hot-pressed sealing and bonding of upholstered interior car parts


Resinex 240 - PP laminating film with super-optical properties.
Laminating film for converters


Resinex 225 NG - Next generation cheese wrapping film.
IWS. Cheese slices individually wrapped at high speed


Resinex 218 NG - PP film with super-optical properties.
VFFS film for dry products and vending machine film


Pro-Ex serie - Solvent-free laminates.
Laminates free from solvent residues


Resinex 413 - Metallocene laminating film with superior strength and sealing properties.
Laminating film for converters


Resinex 423 - 35 µm metallocene VFFS deep-freeze film with superior mechanical properties.
French fries, frozen vegetables, etc.


Resinex 581 - Metallocene stretch film.
Pallet load security


Resinex 264 - Cold-resistant polypropylene film.
Wrapping of sliced bread


Resinex 119 - Steam sterilisable and peelable sealing film for aluminium laminate.
Peelable cover on sterilisable milk packaging or milk bottles


Resinex 225 - First peelable polypropylene film for processed cheese.
IWS. Cheese slices individually wrapped at high speed