Why opt for Innovative Film?

Plastic is a durable and cost-effective material with many possibilities. By combining these unique properties of plastics in a multi-layer film, Trioworld creates enormous added value in many technical applications. For example, you will find our Innovative Film in the interior of cars and in lightweight suitcases. Smart use of such thin films, for example, can make your product lighter, stronger, more durable, more beautiful and / or more flexible and therefore better. Trioworld’s films and innovative approach enable you to add value to your product and company: “Trioworld drives your performance”.

Solutions and Products

Innovative Solutions

You want to continuously improve your product and production. Together with you, Trioworld looks creatively at the specific challenges of your product. Whether it concerns eg weight savings or better scratch resistance, you realize added value and / or cost savings. With the innovative approach of Trioworld you make the difference.

AFP Promise

Improving Product Performance

Did you know that your product and production process can be improved by clever use of thin plastic film? Trioworld adds value by combining your knowledge and products with our experience and innovative solutions. This gives you better products and money: “Trioworld drives your performance”.

A creative solution for every challenge

Your challenges rightly set high demands on the commitment and creativity of our people. Trioworld is used to this and deepened in your problems so that we can use our extensive knowledge and ingenuity on your question. This creates co-creation solutions that you might not have imagined beforehand but guarantee success. Curious about what we can do for you? Trioworld likes to challenge itself!

Innovative Protection for your Products

Although the plastic foil often only forms a modest share in an end product, it can have an enormous impact. In this way products can become lighter, nicer, stronger, more flexible and / or cheaper through a smart use of film. Production processes can also be simplified and improved with the use of plastic film. Your profit: Acceleration and cost savings.

Do you want to take new paths? Then you will find an innovative partner in Trioworld. We invest time and expertise in cross-chain solutions. We answer your challenges with unique technology and creativity. You make the difference here with Trioworld.


Together with our knowledge and creativity, creativity is our great strength.

Olav Donkers

We work with a team of specialists to respond to your needs. Tailor-made innovation, craftsmanship and cooperation are of great importance here.

Curious about what Trioworld can do for you? What kind of inventive possibilities we can develop together with you? We will be happy to talk to you.

The best and fastest way to find out what we can do for you is to call us directly or send an e-mail: ODonkers@afpfilm.com