Interested in Innovative Film applications? Trioworld’s innovation specialists like to speak about their profession, developments in flexible packaging and the unique challenges our Innovative Film has solved for our customers.

At Trioworld we think in terms of possibilities and I have enjoyed contributing to this way of thinking for years. Aside from creativity, there is nothing standard about Innovative Film. Together with our knowledge and the contribution of ideas, creativity is our greatest strength. It creates tremendous satisfaction when we find a unique solution by applying a special film in consultation with the customer. Solutions that create new opportunities or tremendous improvements for the customer. We do everything we can to make the customer successful. After all, that is how Trioworld becomes successful as well. I can see endless new possibilities!

At R&D we develop film solutions that help customers better protect their products. We establish the connection between new materials, the film’s properties and the customer’s needs. Our R&D team has expertise in various areas of the packaging industry. Together with suppliers and researchers, we test all new ideas in our pilot line. Every day we accumulate a little bit more knowledge and when a test succeeds all pieces of the puzzle fall into place. This way we develop perfect solutions for our customers. These varied aspects make working on innovation challenging and enjoyable.

As Manager Quality & Compliance, my key responsibility is to bring the quality and food safety of our products and services, and the safety of our people, to an even higher level. I do this with the help of my colleagues in the Technical Support and Compliance departments.

I am inspired by the wide variety of activities we are engaged in each and every day. Both departments play a key role in many of Trioworld’s processes, which requires collaboration with many different departments.

Delivery reliability is essential; not only timely delivery, but the consistent quality of our products is key. And if the customer should still experience a problem with one of our products, it is important for us to listen carefully and to engage in discussion to solve it together. We can learn a great deal from this interaction and it strengthens our relationship.

Our customers have high quality standards and we can expect these standards to become even more strict in the future, in view of the greater social focus on (food) safety and the circular economy. We will have to be ready for this within Trioworld, and that applies to my departments as well.