Why opt for Innovative Film?

Film is a versatile material. AFP day after day demonstrates that its film can have a tremendous impact on quality; the smart addition of film can make your products lighter, more beautiful, stronger and more flexible. AFP can add value to your products through means of its innovative approach. And that creates opportunities for your business.

Solutions and Products

Innovative Solutions

We aim to improve the performance of your products. This is why we creatively assess the specific challenges inherent in your products. AFP’s film and innovative approach make all the difference in various ways, such as saving weight or making products shock-resistant.

AFP Promise

Improving Product Performance

You can significantly improve your product and your production process by the smart addition of film. AFP adds value by combining your knowledge and products with our innovative plastic film solutions. Together we come up with unique packaging films with superior properties and improve the efficiency of your process.

A creative solution for every challenge

Our experts will immerse themselves in your unique situation and in consultation with you develop a custom-made innovative solution. If you are interested in what we can do for you, contact us, we like to be challenged!

Innovative Protection for your Products

By effectively protecting your products you avoid wastage. But that is not all; innovative packaging can, for example, also provide greater ease of use for your chain partners and customers. AFP is happy to contribute helpful ideas to develop the most suitable film solution together with you.


At AFP we think in terms of possibilities and I have enjoyed contributing to this way of thinking for years

Olav Donkers

Curious about how we respond to customer needs? And how we find the best solution through our consultation? We would like to tell you about our method.

We work with a team of specialists to respond to customer needs. In this innovation, workmanship and cooperation are of great importance.

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