Stretch film for the insulation industry

Insulation material has a wide range of applications. The best known is probably the insulation of buildings internally and externally, but acoustic ceilings, solutions for greenhouse horticulture and floor insulation are also important applications. Insulation material must be well stabilised on a pallet. Whether it's rolls of insulation material or sheets. Both impose their specific conditions on pallet stability. These products are often delivered to a building site where they are not immediately processed. The stretch film therefore serves to protect the products during storage. During the development of stretch films for the insulation industry, these wishes were taken into account.

Stable pallets

We notice that stretch film is often not the first priority for our customers. We understand that. At the same time, we see that pallet stability, damage prevention and flexible packaging processes are high on the agenda. It is precisely in this area that we can completely relieve you of your worries. Not only can we advise you on the right stretch film for your insulation material, we can also integrate it seamlessly into your processes. In such a way that you have optimally stable pallets and a smooth packaging process without disturbances.

95% less damage

20% less consumption, 95% less breakage


Due to the sharp increase in road freight transport, the need for pallet stability has only increased in recent years. Unstable pallets can have a major impact on safety, efficiency and costs. Trioworld is the partner to help reduce these risks.

In addition, Trioworld is still looking for sustainable solutions. Thanks to the optimal packaging of the pallets, we never use more film than is necessary. This means lower costs and a considerably lower CO2 footprint than with conventional stretch film.


Trioworld Quick Scan

We understand that stretch film is often not the first priority for our customers. Keeping products damage-free during transport is. And it is precisely in this area that we can relieve you of your worries. Using our 30-minute Quick Scan, we analyse your wrapping process and pallet stability and advise you on improvements and savings.

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How can I help you transport your insulation material safely?

In the meantime I have been able to help several customers in the insulation industry to improve their pallet stability. Do you also suffer from high and heavy pallet loads or products with sharp corners? I would be happy to visit you!

  • I will make an analysis of your process;
  • Our technical experts ensure that your machine is set up correctly;
  • Your pallets are optimally protected.

Wilbert Philipsen, Key Account Manager

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