Katan-Ex Biobased Stretch Film

What does Biobased mean?

Biobased means that the product is made from renewable raw materials. In the case of the Katan-Ex Biobased, this is made with 50% renewable raw materials (sugar cane), extracted from the residual flow of sugar production.

What does this Biobased film offer you?

  • 50% less use of petroleum-based raw materials
  • This contributes to the sustainable objectives of your organization
  • 90% lower CO2 footprint compared to conventional stretch film
  • Meet the expectations of governments and your customers

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Katan-Ex Biobased

Our Promise:

  • Superior product performance thanks to micro layer technology
  • More than 50% renewable resin
  • 90% lower CO2 footprint
  • High tear resistance and holding force
  • Less film consumption per pallet
  • Suitable for a wide range of pallet loads

Your Performance:

  • Katan-Ex BB contributes to the sustainability of your business
  • Significant reduction in transport damage
  • Uninterrupted wrapping process
  • Lowest total eco cost per pallet wrapped
  • Meets EUMOS 40509 regulation
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