Trioworld produces films for laminating. Laminating is a process of bonding multiple layers of film together to create a composite film with new properties. In this way a packaging film is created that meets the wishes of our customers. Trioworld films have optimal barrier and processing properties. Thanks to the excellent machinability, your packaging process runs smoothly.

Folien für Tiefkühlkost

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Trioworld is constantly developing new films for the food processing industry, but also for our converter customers. Our extensive program includes films for several purposes. Our films are process secure with excellent processing characteristics. As expert in developing films, Trioworld will also develop the perfect film for your products and we will optimise your packing process. This leads to faster productions and you will prevent malfunction.

By protecting your product the best way possible, we will help you prevent dissipation. We work closely together with buyers, product managers, packing technologists and operational managers to constantly renew and improve our offer. To fit the unique demands of your products and your target group.


Looking for the best solution for your product?

Our goal is to improve your packaging process. As a film expert, Trioworld develops the perfect packaging for your products and optimises your packaging process. This way you produce faster and prevent rejects. Our committed employees like to explore the unique challenges inherent in your product. With their technical expertise, they resourcefully solve all your packaging issues and help you prevent wastage by protecting your product as effectively as possible. We work closely together with buyers, product managers, packaging technical specialists and operational managers to continuously renovate and improve our product portfolio.


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In order to match our films for laminating perfectly to your requirements, we closely involve you in the selection process. Together we discuss the settings of the wrapping machine in combination with the specific film properties and thus ensure an optimal result.

Cost control for food packaging

How the right Food Packaging can help lower the total costs?

Most likely every commercial business is focussed on getting the highest turnover, or lowest costs as possible. Of course the best business examples are companies which perfected both. In this blog I’ll discuss the costs which we as Trioworld encounter and how we help our customers lowering these costs.

A customer from the food industry

"They're guys who follow procedures day in, day out"

One of the returning customers of Trioworld is the Belgian Bastin-Pack, a producer of flexible packagings. “We are a fairly leading flexo printer”, says CEO Michel van de Vyver from his office in Wetteren. “It’s 8 kilometers southeast of Ghent, along the highway Ghent-Bussels.”