Why choose Trioworld's Load Security Film?

Trioworld provides you with the highest possible load security and the best possible pallet stability for transporting your products. In addition our ultimate goal is to improve the performance of your logistics process. Your objective is to transport your products from A to B. However, this has to happen Fast, safe, without damage and at the lowest possible costs. To make this possible, we develop optimal pallet wrapping solutions for your specific situation. This is what we call: ‘Driving your Performance’.

  • We offer stretch film for every type of load: from a relatively simple pallet to exceeding and heavy loads
  • Our employees have in-depth knowledge of stretch film, wrapping machines and your wrapping process
  • We offer the best load stability and the lowest Total Cost of Ownership
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How much stretch film is needed for the right pallet stability

Packaging pallets with different products requires not only knowledge of stretch films, but also of your specific product and the adjustment of your winding machines. Whether it concerns the protection of light or heavy, fragile or irregularly shaped loads, Trioworld has the exact film. And we like to go one step further: we always strive for a minimum impact on the environment and the lowest price per wrapped pallet.

Choose the Trioworld load security productbrand for your needs

Your logistic process more effective and safer

High Performance Stretch Film developed for specific end user pallet wrapping applications. Produced with Micro-layers Technology. For demanding situations and pallet loads. Using the Trioworld 7 Step Audit model, we can fully advise you which type of film fits best for your loads, with the correct settings of your machines, thus creating the highest possible Load Security. This results in the lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

The ideal stretch film for many applications

This High Performance Stretch Film has been specially developed for our distribution partners who can operate a wide spectrum of pallet wrapping applications because of Signiflex-Pro. Produced with Micro-Layer technology, resulting in a high quality film. Thanks to the broad application spectrum, you can realize a reduction in the number of stock items. Available in different thicknesses.

The right stretch film for every wrapping machine

Our Resinex range has been specially developed for different types of wrapping machines. With the Resinex products you will always find a suitable solution for every application. Resinex offers a wide range of different thicknesses and is the solution for different types of wrapping machines and stretch percentages.

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Your objective is to transport your products from A to B. Fast, safe, without damage and at the lowest possible logistics costs. To make this possible, we develop optimal pallet wrapping solutions for your specific situation. This way Trioworld gives you a significant head start.


The high performance of our people is Trioworld’s added value. We listen to the wishes of our customers and are familiar with the challenges of the logistics chain and use our expertise in multilayer film technology to respond to these challenges.


We develop the ideal stretch film that seamlessly matches you process. No matter the load – light or heavy, vulnerable or irregularly shaped – Trioworld can provide you with the film that perfectly meets your needs.


Speed, safety and Load Security are the most important aspects for producing, transporting and storage

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