Curious about the applications of our Load Security Film in practice and the experiences of our clients? Below you will find interesting cases.

Case Personal Care Producer

'Our suppliers are important partners'

Our customer is a producer of personal care products with a long history. Suppliers are important partners to improve the efficiency of their processes and sustainable objectives. Sustainability plays an important role within our organization and they are very aware of the responsibility they have as a producer in this respect.

What they find important in a supplier:

  • Suppliers are subject to a wide range of assessments, including on sustainability
  • A supplier must be able to contribute to the optimisation of packaging
  • The supplier must think along with you in environmental safety and efficiency performance

Why did they choose Trioworld:

  • Thanks to the Biobased stretch film, Trioworld helps to achieve the sustainable objectives
  • Trioworld’s expertise has helped us to optimise our packaging process