…Then with Trioworld there are no hidden costs

Often Stretch Film is chosen based on the price/kg. But research shows the following additional costs:

  • 1 break on average costs 15 euro.  This results in delays in your production.
  • 4 percent of all products on pallets are damaged. This is a considerable cost item.
  • 25% of all accidents involving a truck are caused by shifting or falling cargo. By using the right stretch film your pallets have much more stability.
  • On average, companies use 20% more Load Security Film than necessary for safe transport. Trioworld can help you save on consumption with the right stretch film.


Your pallets deserve the best protection

We improve the safety and effectiveness of your logistical process.

How we achieve this:
• Our high quality stretch films offer the right protection for every type of freight
• Our employees will find the best solution for your wrapping process
• In this way, we provide the best pallet stability and the lowest Total Cost of Ownership

By means of the Trioworld 7 step Audit model we analyze your packaging process:

  1. Situation analysis. We analyze your current situation (type of film, quantity, stability, etc.).
  2. Our specialists then look at the optimal setting of your machines and the best film for your situation.
  3. These findings are recorded in your systems.
  4. Then these settings are tested in combination with our stretch film.
  5. Your operators are trained by our specialists.
  6. This results in the lowest Total Cost of Ownership.
  7. In case of questions you can always reach our helpdesk.
7 step audit model

Are you interested in how we can improve your logistical proces?



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