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At Trioworld I know it's always okay!

One of Trioworld’s customers is H.Essers, in Belgium. A logistics service provider with the appropriate slogan It’s Transpossible. “It’s from our marketing department”, laughs purchase manager Christophe Custers. “We have been using this slogan for about three years now. You want to make it clear at a glance that anything is possible.”

One of the biggest players in Europe

H.Essers has 71 offices in 17 countries. The family business stores goods, transports them and takes care of the associated IT system. “We are one of the largest players in Europe in terms of transport and logistics,” says Custers. “We have 1320 trucks, 3120 trailers, more than a million m² of warehouse space and we can connect the customer’s software systems to ours so that everything runs smoothly.
H.Essers specialises mainly in the transport and storage of pharmaceutical, chemical and high value goods. Custers likes to explain why they do business with Trioworld.

Trioworld is of course benchmarked

“Transport and storage is our core business and stable pallets are a logical consequence of this,” he begins. “We ship pallets worldwide. It is therefore extremely important to me that we comply with the statutory regulations at home and abroad. It is really crucial that the pallet is properly wrapped.” And just as important is the quality with which he serves his customers. “So with well-wound pallets and the right amount of foil.


Custers has been working for the Belgian company for eight years. He is responsible for all operating expenses, mainly linked to warehousing. The cooperation with Trioworld dates back to 2007; Trioworld is their largest supplier of stretch film. “Trioworld was already there before I joined the company, but in the meantime Trioworld has of course been benchmarked”.

Stable quality and delivery guarantee

A number of points that come into play when choosing a stretch film supplier: “For me it’s very important to keep the links in the process short. Trioworld is both a manufacturer and a supplier, which is very interesting for me, because there is no one in between. It is also important that it is a financially stable supplier, with whom I can build up a long-term relationship. And one that has a stable quality and delivery guarantee. What I also value is that the supplier keeps me informed about innovations in the market. Trioworld regularly comes to me with new ideas, which I find positive.”

Essers doesn’t sit still either

At H.Essers, by the way, they don’t sit still either. “The world of transport is constantly evolving. We try to follow the latest trends. For example, we are now looking at whether we can integrate certain anti-slip mats in the loading floor of a trailer, which is fairly innovative.
26 degrees. To ensure safe transport, they regularly carry out spot checks. “The standard is the 26° test. The pallet is lifted on one side until an angle of 26° is created with the floor. If the pallet is properly wrapped, the load remains stable on the pallet.”
In the end they come to Trioworld for a film with a good price/quality ratio and continuous quality. “I notice very quickly when the quality is not good. Then there are complaints from both our own employees and the end customer.”

I know it’s okay

Also important: the support that Trioworld offers. “What I like is that Trioworld regularly checks the winding machines. When a new machine is delivered, there is always someone on site to set up the machine in such a way that the pallet is optimally wrapped. So that I use as little film as possible and don’t waste any film.” This is financially attractive for H.Essers and important for Trioworld in terms of sustainability. “They also carry out these checks several times during the lifetime of a machine.

“As a customer of Trioworld, I appreciate the long-term cooperation and the resulting partnership. I know at all times, in all our warehouses, that the machines are set up properly and that it is in order.”

A Key Account Manager at Trioworld Load Security is responsible for the stable wrapping of pallets at our customer sites, with optimal performance of the wrappers. Knowledge and experience are essential in this regard. Knowledge of the stretch film we produce of course, but in addition, good knowledge of the customer’s products (boxes, trays, PET, glass, drums, bags, etc.) and more than average experience with all types of wrappers.

The challenge always is to achieve the best possible result with the customer’s existing equipment. That means creating a stable pallet, preventing boxes from denting, ensuring that trays are not pushed up, preventing water bottles from becoming oval… And many more other challenges for which we always come up with a good solution.

There is a wide variety of solutions and it always gives us a good feeling when we have a satisfied customer with a more stable pallet at lower costs. Because we now work with many colleagues spread throughout Europe, we are also in a good position to optimally serve very large multinationals. This way we create added value for our customers.

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