Service and Technique

Our output has grown with 25%

The Trioworld service makes the difference for us.

Our customer is a brewery in France. The production process is characterized by high speeds. It is therefore extremely important for them that packaging the pallets can go at the same speed.

What is important to them?

  • A supplier who understands their process.
  • Optimal pallet stability.
  • Service to optimally organize the packaging process.

According to the customer: ‘Given our activity and our high speed, pallet packaging can quickly become a bottleneck for our production. Thanks to Trioworld we have found a partner who not only offers a high-quality stretch film that is suitable for our products, but also a superior and responsive technical service to minimize our film consumption and at the same time improve the quality of our pallet stability. Trioworld technicians know our machines and have adjusted our settings to achieve the best combination between consumption and stability. Our volume growth was on average 25% ‘

Why did they choose Trioworld?

  • Trioworld has studied our wrapping process and has ensured an output growth of 25%.
  • Superior technical service.
  • High quality products.



Our process places high demands on a supplier

Our volume growth was on average 25%.


The expertise of Trioworld is clear

The Trioworld technicians know the machines and know how they can realize the optimal cooperation between machine and stretch film.


Our products require high-quality protection

Trioworld has high quality stretch films.


As Load Security Film Account Manager, I implement smart packaging solutions and exploit all possibilities offered by our high-tech stretch film to improve the CO2 footprint of our customers. To create stable and secure pallets we assess the customer’s entire packaging process.

In the personal hygiene sector we are the specialist of choice for improving pallet stability through the efficient use of stretch film. As market leader in this sector, Trioworld implements its stretch film directly at the customer site. After a careful audit of the wrapping equipment, the packaging process, and the storage and transport conditions at the customer, I propose improvements designed to optimise the customer’s process.

By combining our high performance stretch film with optimal wrapping machine settings, we end up with maximised sustainable solutions. More efficient wrapping results in lower costs and a higher yield of the production process.

If you are interested in the possibilities, contact me and discover how we can optimise the sustainability of your pallets.

Katan-Ex HH Beverage Stretch Film

Katan-Ex HH Beverage stretch film for maximum pallet stability

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