Longterm cooperation

We are challenged to do better and better

Our customer is a Belgian producer of frozen vegetables. The collaboration with Trioworld goes back a long time.
What is important to them?

  • Keep developing. They expect suppliers to actively think along with them.
  • Sustainability plays an important role. Here too, suppliers are challenged.
  • Transport their products safely and undamaged to the final destination.

Characteristic of this organization is the constant drive for improvement. And they also challenge their suppliers. In this way Trioworld is also challenged to do better and better. By actively sharing our knowledge and developments, they can continue to market their products in an increasingly demanding market when it comes to packaging and transport. This in addition to the fact that the European Union also sets increasingly higher requirements for the safe transport of products.

Why did they choose Trioworld?

  • The collaboration has long been based on trust, transparency, quality and sustainability.
  • Trioworld thinks along with regard to packaging innovations.
  • Thanks to process optimization, Trioworld has been able to reduce consumption and improve pallet stability.



'We place high demands on the stretch film'

Our products must arrive at their destination safely and undamaged.


'We expect a supplier to think along with us'

Trioworld is active in thinking along with our process and comes with improvements.


'Transporting our products safely to the final destination'

Our pallet stability has been improved and stretch film consumption has fallen.

As Senior Account Manager at Trioworld, it is my task to implement the high-quality stretch film the right way as part of our customers’ processes.

Due to our product knowledge, as well as our knowledge of its application and the entire logistics chain, we can optimally protect valuable products. I apply the knowledge that I acquired during my training as a Packaging Expert at the Netherlands Packaging Centre (NVC) on a daily basis. This enables me to make the right decisions for my customers every time.

Katan-Ex KX

Katan-Ex KX is excellent for recurring, sharp and heavy loads