Stable pallets and technical support

We do not want a supplier but partner relationships

Our client is a big soft drink producer in the UK. Guaranteeing and delivering high quality products is essential and pallet stability plays an essential role in safely transporting their products to the end customer.

What is important to them:

  • Stable pallets that meet BRC guidelines
  • First time right, the production process must run smoothly
  • No damaged pallets or products that are sent back

In addition, we see an increase in attention in this market for Corporate Social Responsibility, the reduction of the amount of packaging material and the search for more sustainable alternatives to regular stretch films, such as the Katan-Ex Biobased.

When it comes to supplier selection, they consider the following important:

  • Reliability
  • Flexibility and reliability
  • Technical Support

Why did they choose Trioworld? Because of:

  • Our expertise in pallet stability and how to improve it
  • Our knowledge of machines, applications and stretch film
  • The strategic partnership



'We demand stable pallets'

“We expect a supplier to be a strategic partner who thinks along with our process, is reliable and delivers continuous quality.”


'We demand a high level of support'

“The knowledge and skills of the people is greatly appreciated. Trioworld offers support in the production process to optimize the combination of pallet load, wrapping machine and stretch film “


'We want to transport our products safe to our customers'

‘Trioworld delivers High Performance stretch films. By using the Katan-Ex HH Beverage film we have improved our pallet stability and decreased our consumption of stretch film’

A Key Account Manager at Trioworld Load Security is responsible for the stable wrapping of pallets at our customer sites, with optimal performance of the wrappers. Knowledge and experience are essential in this regard. Knowledge of the stretch film we produce of course, but in addition, good knowledge of the customer’s products (boxes, trays, PET, glass, drums, bags, etc.) and more than average experience with all types of wrappers.

The challenge always is to achieve the best possible result with the customer’s existing equipment. That means creating a stable pallet, preventing boxes from denting, ensuring that trays are not pushed up, preventing water bottles from becoming oval… And many more other challenges for which we always come up with a good solution.

There is a wide variety of solutions and it always gives us a good feeling when we have a satisfied customer with a more stable pallet at lower costs. Because we now work with many colleagues spread throughout Europe, we are also in a good position to optimally serve very large multinationals. This way we create added value for our customers.

Katan-Ex HH Beverage Stretch Film

Katan-Ex HH Beverage stretch film for maximum pallet stability