Case Dairy Producer

We need your expertise

Our customer is a producer of dairy products with a long history of existence. In addition to producing high-quality products, sustainability plays an important role.

Our customers work with suppliers to continuously reduce the environmental impact of packaging, for example by increasing the share of renewable materials and developing packaging that is recyclable.

When it comes to choosing a supplier, they consider it important:

  • Close cooperation
  • Looking for ways to reduce consumption or change to sustainable alternatives
  • Offering expertise

Why did they choose Trioworld?

  • Trioworld has the right expertise for our process
  • Our staff are trained to improve pallet stability performance
  • The right film for the right application
  • Lowest cost per packed pallet



'Trioworld has improved our own Performance in terms of pallet stability.'

Our pallet stability has been significantly improved.


'We need you to train our staff.'

Our own people are much better able to monitor this.


'The costs per packed pallet have decreased significantly.'

With a reduced use of stretch film.