Katan-Ex LS

Safe Transport for Light or Pressure-sensitive Loads

Katan-Ex LS secures and protects light and pressure-sensitive loads. The pallets can be loaded and unloaded efficiently because the pallets do not stick together during movement. This way your product always arrives at its destination in good condition.

Katan-Ex LS also saves on costs: it limits damage, including transport damage, or rework.

Katan-Ex LS’ multilayer structure is designed such that the outside always stays high-slip, while the inside provides optimal cling. Due to AFP’s advanced micro-layer technology, your products are packaged at high speed with Katan-Ex LS. Perfectly protected with minimum film consumption per pallet. Due to the proven best consistency of this film, your wrapping process achieves unparalleled efficiency.

For producers of pressure-sensitive products, such as tissues and cookies, the use of Katan-Ex LS has already realised a tremendous reduction in transport damage.

Together with this film you can also order a fitting Topsheet.

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To make sure that our film perfectly matches your requirements, our experts closely involve you in the selection process. Together we discuss the settings of your wrapping machine combined with the specific film properties and this way ensure optimal results.