Katan-Ex PT

Maximum UV Protection

Did you know that sunlight can affect the taste and colour of foods? Katan-Ex PT ensures that your pallet loads stay safe and protected, even when they are exposed to the sun for extended periods of time. In addition, the film provides optimal load security.

Given the right wrapping pattern, Katan-Ex PT traps 95% of the UV light (190 – 350 nm) as well as the visible light (350 – 750 nm). This means your product is well-protected against harmful UV radiation. The special structure of Katan-Ex PT optimally protects your products against UV light, while retaining the properties needed to secure the pallet load. This way you avoid much of the need for reworking the pallets.

The use of UV-protective Katan-Ex PT film has enabled our customers to realise tremendous savings and has enabled customers, for example in the beverage industry, to implement quality improvements.

Together with this film you can also order a fitting Topsheet.

AFP Performance ProgramĀ®


To make sure that our film perfectly matches your requirements, our experts closely involve you in the selection process. Together we discuss the settings of your wrapping machine combined with the specific film properties and this way ensure optimal results.