As a mechanical engineer, I turned to sales when I joined the company because I really believed in Trioworld’s unique technique-based approach.

At Trioworld stretch film is not only a consumable. It is strategical component made of +50 years of R&D that we implement to secure your high value productions.
Thanks to the high technicity of Trioworld products and our skilled experts, my challenge is to demonstrate with clear pictures and calculus that we, at Trioworld, can achieve extremely good results on each of our customers production lines.

Indeed, there are several interlocutors & managers in a Company that may be involved in the stretch film selection (Production engineer, Commodities Buyer, Maintenance Manager etc..). But who can really spend time in optimizing tens of wrapping cycles, monitoring film consumption and pallets on a regular base to consolidate your savings?
Answer is Trioworld. Because we bring you much more than selling a commodity.

In a time where customer social responsibility becomes more and more a top priority, I am proud to contribute in the carbon footprint decrease of our customer by handeling their stretch film optimization: Trioworld guarantees the best stability with the best savings using the right film on the right machine.

Technical expertise, listening, trust and continuous improvement are the key qualities I want to support my customer with in a long term relationship.

We try to be the best possible partner for our customers. This is why I do everything I can to achieve even better performance for our customers in packaging their pallets.

For me, Trioworld stands for safety, sustainability and reliability. We may not offer the lowest price per kilo, but due to our innovative technologies, the customer still saves money. We provide the lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

Cooperation with the customer is of critical importance; we listen carefully to the customer’s demands so we can develop custom solutions. This is why we communicate fast and accurately, and always take the initiative to follow up until the customer is completely satisfied with the solution.

The fact that Trioworld is all about quality makes my work as Account Manager extremely enjoyable. I am proud of the diversity we are able to offer our customers.

In addition, I consider it important that our customers can rely on Trioworld, and that we provide our customers with the right information to help them advance. I regularly encounter new customers who praise our film and wrapping equipment-related expertise and knowledge.

There is room for quality in this competitive market. Trioworld enables you to create super-stable pallets with very little film, thus saving on costs. Due to the severe competition it is important for Trioworld to continue to innovate. This makes our solutions stand out and we provide added value for the customer. Based on my 35 years of experience I am able to say that our market and consequently Trioworld, has by no means finished developing.


As Load Security Film Account Manager, I implement smart packaging solutions and exploit all possibilities offered by our high-tech stretch film to improve the CO2 footprint of our customers. To create stable and secure pallets we assess the customer’s entire packaging process.

In the personal hygiene sector we are the specialist of choice for improving pallet stability through the efficient use of stretch film. As market leader in this sector, Trioworld implements its stretch film directly at the customer site. After a careful audit of the wrapping equipment, the packaging process, and the storage and transport conditions at the customer, I propose improvements designed to optimise the customer’s process.

By combining our high performance stretch film with optimal wrapping machine settings, we end up with maximised sustainable solutions. More efficient wrapping results in lower costs and a higher yield of the production process.

If you are interested in the possibilities, contact me and discover how we can optimise the sustainability of your pallets.

As Senior Account Manager at Trioworld, it is my task to implement the high-quality stretch film the right way as part of our customers’ processes.

Due to our product knowledge, as well as our knowledge of its application and the entire logistics chain, we can optimally protect valuable products. I apply the knowledge that I acquired during my training as a Packaging Expert at the Netherlands Packaging Centre (NVC) on a daily basis. This enables me to make the right decisions for my customers every time.

A Key Account Manager at Trioworld Load Security is responsible for the stable wrapping of pallets at our customer sites, with optimal performance of the wrappers. Knowledge and experience are essential in this regard. Knowledge of the stretch film we produce of course, but in addition, good knowledge of the customer’s products (boxes, trays, PET, glass, drums, bags, etc.) and more than average experience with all types of wrappers.

The challenge always is to achieve the best possible result with the customer’s existing equipment. That means creating a stable pallet, preventing boxes from denting, ensuring that trays are not pushed up, preventing water bottles from becoming oval… And many more other challenges for which we always come up with a good solution.

There is a wide variety of solutions and it always gives us a good feeling when we have a satisfied customer with a more stable pallet at lower costs. Because we now work with many colleagues spread throughout Europe, we are also in a good position to optimally serve very large multinationals. This way we create added value for our customers.