Niels Tiggelovend, Food Packaging Film - Key Account Manager

Working days at AFP are anything but dull – never a dull moment!

My name is Niels Tiggelovend, 45 years, and Account Manager at AFP since 2007. My job at AFP is highly diverse. I work for the Customer Service department, as well as the Sales department, and I primarily work with a major customer in the bread packaging market.
I am responsible for coordinating the customer’s wishes and the production possibilities within AFP. In addition, I monitor the progress of all of the customer’s orders to ensure that they progress smoothly within AFP and that the products are delivered to the customer on schedule.
Furthermore, I prepare proposals and I regularly visit companies to meet with customers. The work is highly varied; each day is different. It is important to be able to respond ad hoc to customer queries and to initiate the process as quickly as possible. Working days at AFP are anything but dull – never a dull moment! I maintain contact with the customer, as well as the various departments within AFP. That makes my work highly varied. AFP is a very good and pleasant employer. That means there is little turnover. I enjoy going to work each day. AFP gives you the opportunity of developing yourself personally.