Need help with pallet instability?

We are currently living in challenging times. We hope you are healthy and are doing well! We want to assure you that we’re still there for you. We understand how difficult it is to adjust your business operations to the rapidly changing circumstances and regulations. Safely wrapping and transporting your products should never cause you any problems, and most certainly not now. If you currently are experiencing any problems with pallet instability or damage to your products, let us know.

Stable pallets are essential in safely transporting products, particularly when vulnerable loads are involved. Hundreds of millions of products are rejected each year in Europe due to damage incurred during transport. Damaged boxes can result in having the entire pallet rejected! Goods that become damaged because the load was incorrectly wrapped represent unnecessary costs for the manufacturer.

Our experts are available to help you with any problems relating to pallet instability and ensuring load security. While we may not be able to be there with you physically at the present time, we can assist you with video calls, by telephone or through Microsoft Teams.

Do you need help with

pallet stability?

Pallet loads must always be wrapped so as to create a single stable, packaged unit. But what if this is not the case? How do you prevent pallet instability and make sure the pallets are stable?

Trioworld is the expert of choice in the field of pallet stability and load security. We make sure that damage to your products during transport can be prevented. By selecting the right stretch film for your application, and adjusting your wrapping machine settings such that they operate optimally in combination with the selected stretch film. This way your pallet loads become a stable unit with which damage and rejection can be prevented. Naturally, we ensure that you never use more stretch film than necessary.  Load security at the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Our experts know exactly how to help you with problems relating to pallet instability. We are there for you, even in these difficult times! By telephone or video call.

Stop the

Breaking of stretch film

It is really frustrating when the stretch film breaks during the wrapping process. With the right film and our experience with setting up the wrappers, the film will run much more consistent. An inferior quality stretch film can easily break when wrapping products on the pallets. Depending on how good the settings on the machine are, the thinner the film can be. This will save you money because it prevents downtime.

Just let us know if you experience this problem. Even in these challenging times, we are here for you. By phone or videocall.

How to prevent

Your load from being damaged

There are different ways in which a load can become damaged during wrapping. One example of this is damage to the corner of a packaging or box. The key cause of such damage is wrapping the pallet too tightly or incorrectly. This causes the film to exert too much pressure on the boxes and the resulting force then damages the boxes.
Our experience shows that this is a common occurrence in many different industries and applications. For example, a French multinational and wine producer that ships its bottles of wine throughout the world in boxes on pallets. Numerous boxes are being damaged in this process due to the incorrect use of stretch film.
This is where the challenge lies for Trioworld: wrapping your goods firmly on the pallet with the right pallet wrapping film that will not damage your goods, as a result of which they arrive at their destination undamaged.
We are there to help you create stable pallets without any damaged corners. We are there for you, even in these difficult times! By telephone or video call. Be sure to also read our article on corner crush.

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