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Signiflex-Pro can accelerate your business in six different ways.

  1. High Performance film made with Micro-layer technology: consistency in wrapping at high stretch ratios
  2. Different thicknesses: introducing a new standard in the market: offering your customers a more cost effective solution
  3. More meters per roll: less roll changes for the customer, lower handling costs, less stops in production
  4. Tailor made solutions for a large number of pallet wrapping types: reducing the number of films in stock. Faster stock turnover and lower working capital
  5. Different core: recognizable purple core
  6. Compliant with EUMOS standards: better performance in compliance with EUMOS

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Resinex 511 & 589

Resinex – 511 & 589 Fit for Purpose Performance Films developed for various wrapping machines.

Resinex 511 especially suited for standard pallet loads and wrapping machines with a large number of end users.

  • One side cling
  • 511 > 150% stretch
  • Pallets with standard loads
  • Competitive product

Resinex 589 is a 12 micron High Performance Stretch Film with Micro layer technology. This film offers a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly solution for the safe transport of your pallet.

A high quality and consistency stretch film thanks to the Micro layers technology:

  • 275% stretch percentage
  • Applicable on a large number of wrapping machines with different braking systems
  • Lowest integral packaging costs
  • High pallet stability
    Perfect role condition

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We can also offer the following product solutions: 511 – 521 – 531 – 541 – 581

This range allows you to service the entire market for stretch film.