7 Step Audit Model

Optimal pallet stability is important to many of our customers. Especially for companies that have to deal with pallet loads that need stability on the one hand and a reasonable volume of pallet loads on the other hand. And of course customers who are interested in reducing their Total Cost of Ownership. Above all, they don't want to see trucks return with damaged products. The Trioworld 7 step audit model has been developed to reach optimal pallet stability.

The advantage for you as a customer is that we do a thorough analysis of your process. We look for the most suitable stretch film for your type of cargo. We ensure that your machines are optimally adjusted, so that there is optimum cooperation between your pallet wrapper and the stretch film, and that pallet stability is achieved. In this way, we guarantee you the lowest Total Cost of Ownership or perhaps the highest Total Value of Ownership.

The usefulness of an audit

Why the 7 steps audit model is important for your organization

The 7 step model results in:

  • Less damage to your products;
  • Less use of stretch film;
  • Less delay in your packaging process.

We have noticed that it is difficult for companies to assess whether pallets are stable – certainly on sight. Specialised tests are often required to find out what the stability is. This is where we can take your worries off your hands. We have special equipment with which we can measure whether the pallet is stable and whether we can further optimise it.

In this way you comply with EUMOS regulations, which stipulate that the shipper or packer is responsible for securing a load.

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stretch film audit

Low price versus lowest Total Cost of Ownership

What does the lowest Total Cost of Ownership mean?

In practice, we at Trioworld see that stretch film is often chosen on the basis of the price per kilo. That in itself seems logical – because at first glance the products are very similar. Yet there is more difference between them than you might think.


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Types of stretch film

The importance of the right stretch film

Stretch film is often mistakenly seen as a commodity rather than a strategic product. The idea behind this is that stretch films are interchangeable and only differ in price. Moreover, they are only a small part of the total expenditure. As a result, most attention is paid to the price per kilogram.

Nevertheless, this can have far-reaching consequences for your products, costs, reliability, image, safety and efficiency.

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The Katan-Ex Biobased

Durable stretch film for every application

Katan-Ex BB is a new stretch film in the Trioworld range with more than 50% renewable raw materials, made from the residual flows of sugar production.

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Is your interest aroused and would you like to request more information without obligation? Or is it time for a 7 Step Audit at your organisation? Contact us and see what Trioworld can do for you as an organisation. The knowledge of our employees involved in your processes and wrapping machines ensures the optimal performance of your wrapping processes. In this way, we ensure stable pallets and prevent film from breaking, so that the packaging process runs smoothly, without delay.

  • Our experts analyse your process;
  • Your machines are set up correctly;
  • Your pallets are optimally protected.
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