Total Cost of Ownership

In practice at Trioworld we see that stretch film is often chosen on the basis of the price per kilo. That in itself seems logical - because at first glance the products are very similar. Yet there is more difference between them than you might think.

Cost reduction

Quality prevents damage

A stretch film of insufficient quality leads to unsafe situations in warehouses and on the road, for example because pallets fall over. A quarter of all accidents involving a truck are caused by shifting or falling loads. This is not only dangerous; it also involves significant costs. Some 4 percent of the products transported on pallets are damaged.

In addition, an inferior quality stretch film can easily break when wrapping products on pallets. One film breakage costs an average of 15 euros.

Finally, a low-grade stretch film often leads to unnecessary film consumption. On average, companies use 20 percent more Load Security Film than they need for safe transport. This does not contribute to the sustainable solutions that we at Trioworld strive for. A low quality stretch film may seem cheap at first, but in reality it is very expensive.

That is why Trioworld aims for Total Cost of Ownership. At Trioworld we have 50 years of experience in developing high quality and innovative stretch films. In addition, we offer excellent service in, for example, the wrapping of pallets. With our 7 step-audit model we are able to achieve the lowest possible TCO, which means that we often reduce the costs of stretch film by double digits. So maybe we should take the Total Value of Ownership, because your value will increase and the costs will decrease.