Prestigious Jack Barney Award for Trioworld’s Eddy Hilbrink

Eddy Hilbrink, Trioworld’s founding father of the unbeaten Katan-Ex microlayer film, has been rewarded with the Jack Barney Award for innovation in the flat sheet and films industry. Eddy Hilbrink has become the first non-American to receive this prestigious award.

Already twelve years ago Eddy came up with the idea of introducing a micro layer film in order to achieve revolutionary properties. Eddy and his team made it possible for Trioworld to become the first producer of micro-layer Load Security Film. Meanwhile Trioworld has a wide range of Katan-Ex micro-layer films with superior performance.

Eddy’s outstanding contribution has been recognized by Trioworld customers worldwide through significant less transport damage, protection of heavy and sharp loads, continuous wrapping process and less film consumption per pallet.
Not only Trioworld customers experience this performance, also the Extrusion Division Board of Directors of SPE recognized with this award his work on nano-layer cast films in the past 12 years at Trioworld in the Netherlands.

Trioworld is honored and grateful and do congratulate and thank for the contribution, not only for Trioworld but for the film industry in general.