Printing & Finishing Food Packaging at Trioworld

Printing & Finishing at Trioworld: a local player offering maximum care and excellent printed food packaging film.

Having started out in printing on paper, but quickly moving on to printing on film: Trioworld’s Printing & Finishing department. We’re well known for our superior film, but also have a full-fledged P&F department, right here in Apeldoorn. Read on to find out how we can help you!

In short, it’s all about expertise, excellence and assistance. Trioworld has some fifty years’ experience when it comes to printed food packaging film. Not only as a manufacturer, but also the 35-person team, skilled right down to their fingertips. People who are dedicated to the company and have been with us for quite some time. Like our customers. Some of them have been with us for thirty years! The fact that they’re able to deal with the same contact person makes it a steady relationship.

HD for high speed and high volume

Trioworld’s printing house is known for its outstanding quality and graphic expertise. We supply standard HD printing in raster 60, which we’ve developed over the years, equal to photo quality. HD Flexo works best when it comes to high volume and high speed. Not every film is suitable – but Trioworld’s films most certainly are. This is due to our high-end raw materials, which make high machine speed and high output possible. With excellent quality printed food packaging film.

So what makes Trioworld actually stand out is that we have it all: printing & finishing as well as film manufacturing. A huge benefit for our customer, our extensive knowledge of both disciplines.
This means we also know exactly what’s necessary to keep a product safe. As we’re specialised in film for the frozen food industry, we understand the importance of high tear and puncture resistance. Even so, our films are never too thick. We’re committed to avoiding waste as well as looking out for your TCO. And as packaging experts, we’re specialised in the minimal thickness needed for safe packaging. Customers never get more film than necessary!

Maximum support is always just around the corner

At Trioworld you can count on smooth communication. Because of our extensive knowledge we always know what you’re talking about, even when you’re just making phone enquiries. Plus, we’re happy to come by for assistance. Part of our service is our own technical support department. And as a local player, we’re always just around the corner.
Interested in finding out how we can help you with printed food packaging film? Give us a call! We can give you a quote within 24 hours. Customers also value us because of our prompt and punctual delivery (95 percent!). We’re looking forward to hearing from you!