AFP Quick Scan

How to achieve a problem free wrapping process?

Are you experiencing:

  • Unstable pallet loads
  • Breaking of stretch film
  • Damage to your load
  • Stops in your wrapping process

Or would you just like to know how you can get a problem free wrapping process at the lowest Total Cost of Ownership?

Make an appointment for a quick scan. In 30 minutes we will analyze your wrapping process and provide you with expert advise on improvements.

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A problem free packaging process

What does the free Quick Scan mean to you?



Our Account Manager will visit you to analyze your specific situation. Based on a complete set of questions he will analyze;

  • Your wrapping machines and the way they are set up
  • The type of load and its stability
  • Experiences of your operators on the wrapping machine
  • Possible areas of risk

This data is processed in a report, including an improvement and savings advice which will be shared with you. If you then wish to take the next step towards a problem free wrapping process and pallet stabilty?

Our Technical Specialists will then come into the picture. These experts know everything about wrapping machines, stretch film and optimising packaging processes. A complete audit is carried out and an optimally functioning packaging process is ensured with stable and safe pallets as the end result.



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